Consultation Services for Personal Injury and Family Law Attorneys

Many cases involving personal injury, medical malpractice and family law matters present complex reimbursement issues. The Pollan Law Firm provides consulting services for other law firms dealing with these problems. As an experienced elder law and disability law firm, we understand the complexities of reimbursement issues and how to structure settlements to the advantage of your clients.


A catastrophic injury case, for example, may produce a very large settlement. If the recipient of the settlement is a Medicaid or Medicare client, the government expects reimbursement for its medical expenditures. The rules for Medicaid and Medicare reimbursement are complex and quite different from each other. The Pollan Law Firm has worked extensively with the Subrogation Division of the Georgia Department of Public Health on Medicaid reimbursement issues. We can determine the correct reimbursement amount, negotiate with the Division regarding the Medicaid lien, and work to obtain a fair allocation of costs. To cite another example, if the plaintiff is a minor, the parents are responsible for paying past medical expenses. We can help you understand these issues and help you work creatively to maximize the settlement your client and the family receive.

Other personal injury and family law cases can present additional questions that can greatly affect the compensation your client receives. Our attorneys can provide a prompt assessment of the estate planning and reimbursement issues in your case and a recommended course of action. We can also serve as an expert witness in matters involving Medicaid, Medicare and estate planning.


The reimbursement issue can greatly affect the compensation the client receives. By understanding the issues and taking them into account during the settlement negotiation, you can maximize the compensation your client and your firm receives. The sooner we can evaluate the issues in a case, the sooner we can provide a recommendation to you.

Regarding Medicare reimbursement, a plaintiff's attorney can face penalties for failing to inform Medicare of an impending settlement. The Pollan Law Firm can help you comply with the law and avoid any potential penalties.

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