Guardianship / Conservatorship

Atlanta Guardianship Attorney

The Pollan Law Firm helps people establish guardianships and conservatorships for loved ones who cannot care for themselves. This is more than just a legal process — it affects the life and lifestyle of the incapacitated person in numerous ways.

In addition to creating guardianships and conservatorships for clients, we can advise and assist the transfer of a guardianship or conservatorship from out-of-state, the termination of a guardianship or conservatorship and other matters.

The attorneys at our firm also serve as court-appointed guardians ad litem.


A guardianship can be established for minor children or adults who cannot care for themselves. The guardian takes responsibility for major decisions concerning health care, education and personal care. A conservatorship is established when a minor or incapacitated adult has assets that must be managed.

Generally speaking, establishing guardianships and conservatorships is not usually difficult or controversial. It may be possible to utilize trusts or a power of attorney to accomplish the same ends, but these have limitations. The Pollan Law Firm discusses the situation of the minor or adult, and recommends the best course of action for you.

If the decision is to seek a guardianship or conservatorship, we can determine the right type of guardianship or conservatorship, prepare the petition and represent you in the court hearing. After the guardianship/conservatorship has been established, we can continue to provide guidance and prepare the necessary reports to the court.


You may not always be there to provide for the needs of your disabled child. Before the child becomes an adult, you must take steps to provide for the long-term care needs of the child.

The Pollan Law Firm has extensive experience in special needs planning matters. Through the use of a conservatorship, special needs trusts, Medicaid planning and other tools, we can help you provide for the needs of your child, while still enabling you to provide traditional legacies for your other children.

A guardianship or conservatorship is a weighty responsibility. But serving as a guardian or conservator can provide you with deep emotional satisfaction and the knowledge that you are doing the best for your loved one.

The Pollan Law Firm will help you achieve those goals.