Medicaid Eligibility & Waivers

The Pollan Law Firm has extensive experience helping clients obtain nursing home care in the months after a medical emergency. Medicare coverage will pay for the first 100 days of nursing home residency. After that, paying for nursing home care becomes more difficult if you are not rich or not poor.

In your case, our attorneys may be able to establish a qualified income trust (Miller trust) that can bridge the gap and enable you to obtain Medicaid benefits for nursing home care.

Time is critical in such situations. Before you make any decisions or conduct any financial transactions, call The Pollan Law Firm at 678-235-9317.

There are several pitfalls for the unwary when planning for Medicaid eligibility for the purposes of obtaining nursing home care. Unfortunately, many people rely on the advice of financial planners and accountants in making such plans. It is sometimes possible to reverse certain financial transactions, but not always.

As experienced Medicaid planning attorneys, those at The Pollan Law Firm are thoroughly familiar with the complex rules that govern asset transfers as they affect Medicaid eligibility. We can help you take the steps necessary to obtain Medicaid benefits and nursing home care.

What Is A Medicaid Waiver?

At one time, Medicaid would pay for care only if the recipient lived in a facility. Now, a Medicaid waiver can allow an individual needing services to get them at home or in the community rather than at a nursing home or other institution. This can make a tremendous difference in the quality of life for a person who is disabled, as well as his or her family. We can help you apply for that eligibility.

Guidance With Long-Term Planning For Medicaid

Early planning for Medicaid is easy to accomplish. You have more options for obtaining nursing home care and medical assistance — and a better opportunity to preserve personal assets while still obtaining Medicaid benefits.

The Pollan Law Firm focuses exclusively on the areas of Medicaid planning, special-needs planning and estate law. We understand the complex issues that affect Medicaid eligibility and how to use estate planning vehicles to protect personal assets.

We can work with you to develop a plan that provides for the needs of your loved one and preserves as many of your assets as possible. Contact us at 678-235-9317 or send us an email.