Can I Prevent Medicaid Estate Recovery?

Medicaid estate recovery is a federal requirement that states seek reimbursement for Medicaid dollars paid out. For example, if an individual who received Medicaid dies and the value of that person's estate is $25,000 or more, the state has to put a lien on that person's home for the reimbursement.

With the help of The Pollan Law Firm, it may be possible to prevent Medicaid estate recovery. Our attorney has 26 years of experience and can make a recommendation to avoid estate recovery.

The Pollan Law Firm in Atlanta has handled a variety of Georgia Medicaid estate recovery issues. We help family members and spouses who still live in homes they once shared with individuals who have moved into nursing homes. Such individuals are sometimes fearful of losing everything in estate recovery, but we can look at your circumstances and determine your legal options. We assist clients with Medicaid preplanning to minimize the potential for estate recovery when parents go into nursing homes.

We are also available to discuss regulations governing estate recovery after a Medicaid recipient has died and the family or surviving spouse has received notice from the Georgia Department of Community Health of its intent to file a claim against the decedent's estate.

To protect your home, it is extremely important that you consult with our firm.

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