Probate Administration

Providing Efficient Probate Administration Services

Many people have an irrational fear of the probate process. They think that it is complicated and expensive, and does little more than consume the estate's assets.

At The Pollan Law Firm, we know that properly administered, probate can resolve outstanding estate issues with a minimum of time and expense. In addition, certain aspects of Georgia probate law such as the Year's Support provision, can be used to protect estate assets from creditors and Medicaid liens.

Our firm provides efficient and affordable probate administration services. In doing so, we take every opportunity to shield estate assets from creditors, so that the beneficiaries of the will receive as much of the estate's assets as possible.

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The Pollan Law Firm can provide complete services to the executor or administrator of an estate, or provide the advice and services the executor requires.

We can advise the executor or administrator of his or her duties, help inventory estate assets, identify debts and taxes which must be paid, and prepare all tax returns and court filings. Our attorneys can also identify debts which do not have to be paid and resolve any problems relating to the estate's assets.

Our goal will be to enable the executor or administrator to complete all necessary steps as quickly and cost-effectively as possible, so that the estate's assets can be distributed to beneficiaries according to the wishes of the decedent.


Whenever possible, we will use the Year's Support provision to preserve estate assets.

Under this law, certain beneficiaries take priority over creditors. For example, the law can enable a surviving spouse with a disabled child to take an award of spousal support, before assets go to a creditor. You can also use Year's Support to defeat a Medicaid lien.

The Pollan Law Firm understands this unique law and how to use it for the benefit of our clients. We will take every opportunity to use the probate administration process to protect estate assets for the beneficiaries of the estate.