Special-Needs Planning

If you are the parent of a special-needs child, you may not be able to depend on your other children to care for their disabled sibling once you are gone. They may not have the financial or physical means to do so. The Pollan Law Firm, located in Atlanta and serving clients throughout Georgia, will work to develop a solution that enables you to provide for the needs of your child while still leaving an inheritance for your other children.

We can assist you with:

A child with a disability is a special gift. With the help of The Pollan Law Firm, you can take the steps necessary to provide your child with the care he or she needs to live in comfort and dignity.

How can you pay for the long-term needs of a disabled child while still providing legacies to your other children?

We Will Guide You Through Your Many Legal Options

Parents of disabled children need to understand an important fact: There are many ways to protect your assets and still get Medicaid or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits for your child. As an experienced Medicaid eligibility and estate planning firm, we understand the legal vehicles available and how to craft creative solutions for our clients.

We can counsel parents about what class or classes of Medicaid best suit their child and provide the optimal solution for their situation. In many cases, we can build an integrated solution that combines Medicaid benefits with other income sources such as veterans benefits, a special-needs trust and a caregiver's agreement.

The Pollan Law Firm will examine your situation to take advantage of every opportunity.

Dealing With Unforeseen Events

In addition to planning for the future, we can help parents deal with unforeseen events that can affect Medicaid benefits. For example, an unexpected inheritance or lawsuit settlement can jeopardize Medicaid eligibility. Our attorneys can help you retain or re-establish Medicaid eligibility should these or other events occur.

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