Why Create A Special-Needs Trust?

Special-needs trusts are specifically designed to allow disabled individuals to continue to receive government assistance and enjoy the benefit of assets, held in trust and administered under prescribed rules, that will enhance their quality of life.

The founding attorney at The Pollan Law Firm in Atlanta has been advocating for and assisting individuals and their families with special-needs trusts for more than 26 years.

Federal and state laws continue to exempt transfers of income and transfers of assets to Medicaid "payback" special-needs trusts provided that the trust meets certain requirements. In particular, it is very important that the trust be specific about its intent, meaning the money goes toward the person's care and daily needs in addition to what the government provides.

There are two circumstances in which a special-needs trust is extraordinarily useful:

  • Inheritance funds
  • Settlement proceeds

Creating a special-needs trust for a disabled person who has money coming from an inheritance or a lawsuit settlement is about protecting his or her future financially. If the money goes into a trust, it cannot hurt the individual's eligibility for Medicaid or other government benefits.

Other Considerations For Special-Needs Planning

The Pollan Law Firm serves clients throughout Georgia. In addition to special-needs trusts, we assist with other planning for those special needs, as well as estate planning and supplemental trusts.

Guidance For Protecting An Individual's Financial Future

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