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Assisting elders with finances, Medicaid, increases independence

Most people understand and accept that as they age, they may not be able to care for themselves as easily as they did when they were younger. However, they likely hope that they'll be able to sustain as independent a life as possible. Adult children of older people here in Georgia often worry about their parents' finances, thinking that their parents may not have the same cognitive abilities to make sound financial choices. Though Medicaid helps cover health-related expenses, older people are often subject to financial abuse from many potential sources. Experts have advice for those who want to protect their elderly loved ones.

A Medicaid waiver could mean avoiding a nursing home longer

Growing older comes with a lot of pros like wisdom and experience, but it also comes with some significant cons, such as failing health, declining physical and mental acuity, and more. Georgia residents experiencing the effects of aging may begin to need additional help with daily tasks, but are not yet ready to go into a nursing home. It is possible that a Medicaid waiver could help make it possible to receive benefits and remain at home as well.

Medicaid planning and the family home

Parents want to take care of their children. This is generally true regardless of how old their children are. Even when the Georgia parent is past retirement age and beginning to become worried about Medicaid planning and the possibility of nursing home care being required, the parent will often attempt to find a way to both take care of his/her Medicaid concerns and also make sure that the children receive their anticipated inheritance.

Will a portion of your assets go to Medicaid estate recovery?

Like other Atlanta residents, you may not have known that your estate may be responsible for paying back certain federal benefits you receive at the end of your life. For example, if your estate is valued at more than $25,000, you owned a home at the time of your death and you received Medicaid benefits, the state of Georgia may be required to put a lien on your home in order to recover the monetary value of those benefits. With the right planning, it may be possible to avoid this eventuality.

Medicaid recipients may benefit from drug price legislation

Many people in this country rely on Medicaid for health cost coverage. The reasons for doing so are as varied as the people who need it. Many of them rely on prescription drugs to improve their quality of life, but costs of many prescriptions have gone up in recent years. Even with Medicaid coverage, many people struggle to afford their necessary medication. Here in Georgia, several lawmakers are considering legislation that may help lower drug prices, though critics of the measure say the opposite will occur.

Income and Medicaid eligibility

Most Georgia residents rely on an income in order to pay their bills and to provide for their families. Oftentimes, their incomes come from their wages, commissions, tips and other pay from the work that they perform. However, individuals may have other sources of income that can affect his or her eligibility for Medicaid.

How do proposed Medicaid changes affect me?

Georgia residents may be following the news around the governor's proposal to marginally expand Medicaid through a delayed waiver application process. The announcement was made recently-adults earning up to $12,000 a year could sign up for health care coverage. This would expand the program to around 50,000 people, provided they continue to work, complete job training and attend school.

Governor announces changes to Medicaid coverage

Many Georgia residents have been anxiously awaiting an announcement from Gov. Brian Kemp about changes to Medicaid eligibility. Recently, the governor announced a number of changes to Medicaid coverage in the state. The plan will make Medicaid coverage available for about 50,000 state workers according to estimates provided by the Governor's staff.

Understanding Medicaid eligibility requirements

Many residents of Georgia who are eligible for Medicare frequently do not understand either the nature of the program or the eligibility requirements. Medicaid is a federally funded plan that provides medical care for individuals and families whose annual net income does not exceed limits specified by the state of Georgia.

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