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Governor adds funds to help elderly remain in their homes

Elderly Georgians received some good news from Gov. Brian Kemp in the form of increased appropriations for citizens who want to remain in their homes rather than moving into a nursing home or other institution. According to preliminary estimates, the funding could allow an additional 1,000 Georgians to remain in their homes.

Obtaining Medicaid coverage in Georgia

Medicaid was enacted as a cooperative venture between state and federal governments to provide medical care to low-income people and families. Participation was made elective on a state-by-state basis, and, unfortunately, the Georgia legislature has chosen to make Medicaid out-of-reach for most Georgia low-income families.

How Medicaid funds are spent for health care in Georgia

Medicare and Medicaid dominated political discussions of health care during both the 2016 presidential election and the 2018 midterm elections. Yet, despite the attention paid to these two programs, few people in Georgia have any clear idea of how federal and state funds are spent.

What is a qualified income trust?

Many Georgia residents require medical care that they cannot fully pay for. Medicaid was created to help low income people obtain proper medical care, but if a person's income is above the Medicaid limit, they are not eligible for the federal benefits. Georgia has created a legal device called a Qualified Income Trust that helps these individuals become eligible for Nursing Facility, Hospice and Home and Community Based Services and Medicaid.

Could changes be coming to Medicaid coverage in Georgia?

Georgia, like many other places in the country right now, is receiving a somewhat more intense review by the news media than what is typical. The reason? Election season. And, like hundreds of other states, cities and local governments across the country, things may be changing in Georgia depending on how the citizens of the state vote in November. Could changes be coming to Medicaid as a result?

Those on Medicaid may see changes after recent legislation

Anyone who is covered by Medicaid knows that this is as important of a government-run program as any other in existence. People who have limited assets and financial means are provided all-important healthcare by this program. And now, according to a recent report, those who are on Medicaid may be receiving even more benefits due to a change in legislation.

Going step-by-step through the Medicaid process

Many of our readers have probably heard of Medicaid, as thousands of Georgia residents are covered by this federal program that is administered through the states. But, some people may have questions about the process of enrolling in Medicaid, a process which can, admittedly, be somewhat complex at times.

What should I know before signing up for Medicaid benefits?

Medicaid is a program that helps many people in Atlanta and across the country. It is a program that pays medical bills for low-income persons who meet its eligibility requirements. Many people over the age of 65 are eligible for Medicaid benefits. Many people with special needs also are eligible for Medicaid benefits. In Georgia, Medicaid is administered by the Georgia Department of Community Health. Medicaid pays medical bills with federal and state tax money.

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