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Visitation halted in many Atlanta nursing homes

The country is in the middle of a national health crisis, and the nation's elderly are part of the most vulnerable population. Atlanta nursing homes are taking drastic measures to try to protect their residents, but that means that family members are not able to visit and check in on their loved ones right now. Many people are worried that their loved ones will not receive the care they planned for over the years.

Things to consider when looking for nursing home care

As the population ages, more people will begin looking for a place to receive help with daily activities and medical needs. With different levels of nursing home care available, it could take some time to choose the right place. Atlanta has a variety of places for every income and need level, and choosing the right home requires careful consideration.

Addressing medical concerns in a long-term care policy

As studies indicate the average lifespan of individuals in Georgia and elsewhere is on the rise, it might not be uncommon to encounter new and unique challenges while planning for the future. An extended lifespan may increase the risks a person might develop debilitating health concerns that can make it challenging to remain self-sufficient. Understanding how conditions such as Alzheimer's disease might impact a person's life and knowing the available options to help develop an effective long-term care policy could be vital to meeting his or her needs throughout the remainder of life.

A traditional long-term care policy may not be the best option

Many Atlanta residents enjoy planning for the future, as long as it is a happy one. They may hesitate to think about planning for less jovial events, such as long-term care planning. Who can blame them? It is not pleasant to think about not being able to care for themselves in their old age. However, the odds are that at least some of this type of care will be needed at some point in the future.

Introduction to the Medicaid Look-Back

As previous posts on our blog have explained, Georgia residents can qualify for Medicaid, if they meet certain asset and income requirements. The reason is that Medicaid is designed to help those who have a financial need for assistance with their health care costs.

A closer look at Medicaid planning

As Georgians age, they begin to have concerns about healthcare and where they will live. Several federal and state programs exist to provide answers to these questions. People who want to obtain Medicaid benefits must show that their income is below the state and federal limits, along with other requirements.

The importance of planning for later in life

Planning for what happens later in life is important and there are many ways to do that and many considerations to take into account when doing so. Making sure that planning is conducted for later in life is essential and can provide important peace of mind for estate planners and their family members as they head into their later years.

Understanding estate recovery under Medicaid

Georgians who receive Medicaid are often extremely thankful for the financial assistance. However, they are often surprised and saddened when they learn that their home and assets may be subject to Medicaid Estate Recovery after they die. This program was enacted by the Georgia legislature in 2006 pursuant the requirement in the federal Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 2003. The federal statute requires the states to enact laws allowing for the recovery of money paid out of Medicaid for long term care and home and community-based care paid for by Medicaid.

Spotting abuse and neglect of at-risk adults in Georgia

Residents of Georgia who place their family members in nursing homes or other special care institutions worry about the quality of care that will be provided. They are especially concerned about physical abuse and failure to provide proper care. Can abuse be detected? What can be done about it?

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