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Special needs planning is only one aspect of special needs care

Parents who have a child with developmental, physical or other challenges are often some of the most caring parents in Georgia or anywhere else in the country for that matter. It takes a great deal of patience and planning to provide the best life possible for a special needs child. Special needs planning is an integral part of that endeavor, but it represents only one aspect of providing adequate care for him or her.

Guardianship is often part of special needs planning

Like parents everywhere, most Georgia parents will do whatever they have to in order to make sure their children grow up safe, happy and loved. They want their children to have all the opportunities available to them as they grow. For parents of children with special needs, this usually takes on a new meaning. Providing the best life possible usually requires some special needs planning, which may involve a guardianship.

Incorporating special needs planning into a divorce

Along with numerous people across the country, many Georgia residents live full lives with a disability. Whether born with it or it happened through an accident, adjustments are necessary in order to make life as comfortable and "user-friendly" as possible. Special needs planning is also a part of that since obtaining government benefits and participating in some government programs requires a certain income level for the person with the disability.

Considering friends and family in special needs planning

Most Atlanta parents spend time thinking about their children's futures. However, when parents have a child with a disability or other special needs, they need to carefully consider their children's futures in order to avoid jeopardizing any government programs or aid they may need in the future. For this reason, they ordinarily engage in special needs planning in order to provide for their children into adulthood and after they pass away.

Helping you navigate the special needs planning process

Any parent will attest that they want what is best for their child. This can look vastly different from family to family and from child to child. However, understanding what is best for a child means considering the needs of the child currently and in the future. For children with special needs, it can feel overwhelming to consider the future care of the child when it is currently a challenge to meet his or her changing needs. Nevertheless, it is still possible to provide for these future needs while still providing for other loved ones in the event of your death.

Timely special needs planning gives parents ease of mind

Georgia residents want what is best for their parents and loved ones as they age, and while keeping them in the house may be the best way to do that for some people, this is not an option everyone can avail. Regardless of where they reside, caring for an adult or even a child who is disabled over a long period of time can cause emotional and financial stress that many may not anticipate.

Moving a special needs trust from one state to another

Special needs trusts have become common estate planning tools for special needs children and adults. These trusts are so common that many parents of special needs children believe they can move from one state to another without jeopardizing any of the benefits that the trust provides. While this assumption may be true in the majority of circumstances, the failure to closely examine the requirements and regulations for special needs trusts in the destination state may deprive a child of essential federal and state aid.

Government review of special needs trusts in Georgia

Special needs trusts have become a valuable and much-used estate planning tool for Georgia families with special needs children. Many families who want to establish a special needs trust for one or more of their children usually assume that retaining a knowledgeable attorney is the necessary and often the last step in the process. While this assumption may be correct in most situations, many persons who are considering establishing a special needs trust are unaware of the services provided by the state of Georgia to ensure both the legal efficacy of the trust and the effectiveness as an estate planning tool.

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